Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I keep imagining that I am being stopped by a police officer and wearing fake glasses (I know, right?). So, I put up my glasses and roll down the window. And then, maybe, he calls me on it. So I have to tell him why I put them up? Is it instinct, because they are fake and I can see better without them? I can't tell him that. So I say, "I don't need them to talk to you, sir." Because there are people in the car, apparently, in this odd thought I was having. And because of those people, I didn't want to incriminate myself as a fake glasses wearer.

As I type this I hitch up my ole fake glasses and sit back and think. God, I hope no one is watching me wear fake glasses. As Ken walks in the room...


  1. I'm coming off a little bit of drinking in this picture...